Paul Eksteen CV

Paul Eksteen was born in Pretoria in 1966. He grew up in Pietersburg where he matriculated at Pietersburg High School in 1984. During his school days, Paul was taught the basics of firearm handling and safety as well as hunting skills and ethics. Paul handled firearms from the early age of 8 years and hunted regularly in the Far North and Mpumalanga regions as well as in Namibia.

During his High School days he also started a cartridge collection and started reloading his own ammunition. Paul did his National Service during 1985/6 where-after he studied at the University of Pretoria where he obtained a BSc degree in Geology in 1990. He hunted frequently during this period throughout the whole of South Africa and Namibia.

During the nineties Paul had lots of opportunity for International travel and visited gunshops and gunmakers in all the countries that he traveled to. He visited Holland and Holland in London, Joseph Just and Karl Hauptmann in Ferlach, Austria, Fritz Stampfli in Switzerland, Frankonia Jagd in Germany, etc.   In 1997 Paul joined the Defense Practical Shooting Club in Pretoria, and soon began competing in Practical Pistol Shooting. He started shooting in the Northern Gauteng leagues and from 1999 started participating in South African National competitions as well as some International Events.

During the late 1990’s Paul also started participating in Practical 3 Gun Shooting and was awarded his Provincial Colours for this sport. Practical 3-gun shooting involves pistol, shotgun and semi automatic rifle shooting in a “combat” type environment. Paul have further won the SA Championships in 2001 (received IPSC’s President’s Award) as well as the SA Air Force Championships in 2002.

Paul studied a vast amount of literature over the last 20 years and grew his collection of relevant books and magazines to over 400 units. The collection includes various magazines and books on caliber selection, ballistics, hunting, reloading, firearm manufacturing, optics, training, etc.

Paul is an active member of
*           the SA Defence Force Shooting Club, Polokwane, and is also affiliated with the SA Practical Shooting Association     
             (Membership Number 220).
*           SA Hunters’ and Game Conservation Association, 1999- (Membership Number 019635).
*           SA Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association: Northern Gauteng Chapter, 2004- (Membership Number   M0031).

Paul is registered as a
*           Bona Fide Hunter
*           Bona Fide Sportsman (1999/4585).
*           Firearm Collector (2005)

Paul is an Accredited Firearms Instructor, 2005 (International Training Academy Advanced Instructor No. I44105).
Paul is an Accredited Occupational Directed Assessor, 2005 (Behaviour Systems Development (Pty) Ltd).


 Underwater Hockey

*           Represented Northern Transvaal on Provincial level from 1988 to 2002.
*           Represented South Africa from 1995 to 2002 on International level.
*           Retired from playing underwater hockey in 2002 on International level after the International Underwater Hockey   
             World Competition in Calgary, Canada. (We brought home the silver medal.)


*           Play social squash, action cricket and golf.
*           Clay pigeon shooting and pin shooting.


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