Curriculum Vitae: Marietjie Eksteen


Date of birth: March 21, 1968
Years of experience: 18
South African
Profession: Environmental scientist


Registered as a Professional Environmental Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat.) at the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions Registration No. 400090/02


Water Quality Management Water use licensing. Ground and surface water impact assessments. Water quality objectives. Water quality management strategies. Management options. Mitigation measures. Waste discharge charges.
Mine Water Management Best practice guidelines. Water use and waste management assessment. Environmental management programmes (EMPs). Impact assessments. Management options. Mine rehabilitation. Closure risk assessments. Mine closure costing.
Environmental Environmental legal compliance. Ground and surface water pollution control. Environmental impact, scoping and risk assessments. Policy development. ISO14001 implementation.


1992 MSc Exploration Geophysics, University of Pretoria, RSA.


Jacana Environmentals cc (January 2006 - ) Managing Director.
Pulles Howard & de Lange Inc.
(January 2004 - December 2005) Associate Director, managing the Mine Water Division and associated projects.
Ingwe Collieries Limited (August 2001 - December 2003) Environmental Manager at Khutala and Douglas Collieries situated in Mpumalanga Province.
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (March 1993 - July 2001) Assistant Director: Water quality management,
Mining Division.
Genmin (August 1990 - March 1993) Exploration geophysicist.


Water Quality Management Short Courses UP (1994 & 1995)
Integrated Environmental Management (IEM): Theory and Practice UCT (1995)
Integrated Environmental and Water Management Course (IEWM) Denmark (1997)
Environmental Law Course UP for CHE (1998)
Managing Conflict: Public Involvement in EIA UP for CHE (1999)
Study Tour to France on Catchment Management France (1999)
ISO training: Integrated SHEQ Management Systems Wynleigh International (2001)
Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment Technicon of Pretoria (2002)
Facilitator Leadership Skills / Accelerating Change & Transitions Destra Consulting Group (2003)


Van Dalsen, M.C. and Hinds, R.C., 1991. Evaluation of dip move-out algorithms on South African seismic data. Presented at
  the SAGA Technical Conference at the University of the Witwatersrand.
Van Dalsen, M.C., 1992. A comparison of dip move-out algorithms - a South African case history. MSc Thesis.
Eksteen, M.C., Rothmann, J.F., Tuffin, A. and Totman, D., 1997. Wasbank River Water Quality Management Plan -
  Community Consultation and Facilitation. Presented at the Water Africa 97 Conference, Harare.
Eksteen, M.C., 1997. Water Quality Management Plan - Nkongolwana River Catchment. Presented at the WISA Mine Water
  Division one-day seminar on Catchment Management Plans, Randfontein.
Glendinning, J., Waygood, C. and Eksteen, M., 1998. Assessment of contamination resulting from defunct coal mines in the
  Ermelo area. Poster presentation at the Water Institute of Southern Africa Biennial Conference, Cape Town.
Eksteen, M.C. and Schwab, R., 2005. DWAF best practice guideline on mine closure Practical implications and guidance,
  WISA Mine Water Division Conference, Randfontein, April 2005.
Heath, R. and Eksteen, M.C., 2005. Regulating the mining industry, addressing the legacy of abandoned mines and prevent
  new environmental problems, Journal of Water and Environmental Technology, Cardiff, 2005.
Schwab, R. and Eksteen, M.C., 2005. Development of best practice guidelines for water quality management in the SA
  mining industry - current status, WISA Mine Water Division Conference, Randfontein, October 2005.

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